Sen. Jeff Sessions Makes Lady Gaga Poster Child For Pot Addiction

Weed must be bad if Lady Gaga was addicted to it. 


Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., right, referenced Lady Gaga during a Senate hearing on marijuana. 

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Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., made an unexpected pop culture reference Wednesday when discussing marijuana legalization with Attorney General Eric Holder. "Lady Gaga says she's addicted to it and it is not harmless," he said during a Senate hearing.

He also pulled a former colleague into the conversation. "Patrick Kennedy, former Congressman Kennedy, said the president is wrong on this subject."

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Kennedy said last week on MSNBC's Hardball that the pot of today is more potent than the weed President Barack Obama smoked during his youth. Obama, in a recent New Yorker interview, said he didn't believe that marijuana was more dangerous than alcohol.

At the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sessions tried to pry out of Holder the attorney general's personal feelings on the drug. He wasn't very successful. Sessions, saying that he was "heartbroken" over the president's recent comments, said he hoped Holder could put peer pressure his pal Obama to change his mind.

"I just think it's a huge issue," Sessions said. "I hope you will talk to the president, you're close to him, and begin to push back – pull back from this position that I think will be adverse to the health of America."

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