Numbers Monday: Forget Jay Leno, the March for Life Gave John Boehner a Bounce

John Boehner didn't get a 'Jay Leno Bump.'

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This Numbers Monday, we're stepping away from 2016 and looking at social media and House Speaker John Boehner.

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Boehner had a big week last week. On Thursday, he made his first appearance on the "Tonight Show," in advance of host Jay Leno's exit from the program. (Jimmy Fallon takes over on Feb. 17.) That day, he also used social media to announce that Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., would be the Republican tasked with giving the GOP response after President Barack Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday.

But, when looking at TrendPo's data, which measures politicians' performances on social media, it's clear that Boehner didn't get a Jay Leno bump. His biggest social media splash of the week came the day before he went on late night television.

It was Boehner expressing his steadfast support for the pro-life movement that, by far, got the most attention. On both his Office of Speaker Boehner Facebook page and his @SpeakerBoehner Twitter feed a quote from Boehner was posted.

Being #ProLife is not a position. It’s who we are & it’s #WhyWeMarch. ReTweet if you agree.

— Speaker John Boehner (@SpeakerBoehner) January 22, 2014

"I've never considered pro-life to be a label or a position…it's who I am. And it's who we are as a people," Boehner said, signing off with the hashtag #WhyWeMarch. Last Wednesday was the 41st March for Life, a rally of anti-abortion activists, which takes place on the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade.

So just how much did Life beat out Leno? On Facebook, Boehner's #WhyWeMarch post received 1,167 likes and 197 shares and on Twitter it received 687 retweets and 312 favorites. On Friday, Boehner posted "backstage with Jay Leno and his #CanadianTuxedo last night," which received 482 likes and 15 shares on Facebook, along with 58 retweets and 64 favorites on Twitter.

Backstage w/ @JayLeno & his #CanadianTuxedo last night. PHOTO:

— Speaker John Boehner (@SpeakerBoehner) January 24, 2014

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