Watch Tom Colicchio Continue Food Stamp Crusade

The 'Top Chef' host filmed a new PSA on hunger.

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"Top Chef" host Tom Colicchio may as well open a D.C. restaurant, he's been to the city so much in recent months. Colicchio has been lobbying Congress to lay off the idea that SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamps, needs any more cuts. This week, he took his message to the airwaves, filming a PSA for the Food Research and Action Center.


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"The monthly cut per family may only amount to $26, but you can't truly comprehend the pain of losing $26 until you're in a situation where your refrigerator is empty at the end of the month," Colicchio said in the spot. "The decision to cut SNAP comes down to a question of who should go hungry, and the answer is no one should go hungry."

Prior to this, Colicchio has stood with congressional Democrats in support of SNAP, which got trimmed in November after stimulus-era funds expired, draining $5 billion from the program. As Congress continues to debate the Farm Bill, the program continues to be endangered.

"More people will be hungry as a result of a cut no matter how the cut is [made]," Colicchio said.

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