Instagram Reveals Inside Process of SOTU Speech Prep

Slap a filter on that speech.

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Over at the White House this week, the president and his speechwriters are getting busy writing, editing and rewriting the State of the Union address, which President Obama will deliver to Congress on Tuesday.

While that doesn't sound much like a visual endeavor, Chief Speechwriter Cody Keenan has taken over the White House's Instagram feed to try and make it interesting. Using the hashtag #InsideSOTU, Keenan has documented the progress so far.

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So, what has he captured? Some blurred pages of Obama's first draft. A conversation with the president. A coffee cup, complete with a White House logo, and a binder. (Presumably not filled with women.)

And Laura, a member of President Obama's speech writing team, who's calling someone who sent POTUS a letter to see if Obama could share the story during the address.

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While some of the photos may seem dull, the Internet has responded with appreciation, with even the least popular of the Instagram posts receiving around 3,800 likes. (The top photo is almost at 7,000.) This, of course, is child's play compared to a childhood photo of Michelle Obama marking her 50th birthday, which received 17,700 likes. And the very popular "Bo, stop trying to make fetch happen," a "Mean Girls" line that was applied to the first dog and his tennis ball. This photo, posted in August, got 18,900 likes.

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