TV Doctor Kal Penn Prescribes Obamacare, Conservatives Poke Fun

Penn wrote an op-ed on young people and Obamacare.

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Kalpen Suresh Modi, who goes by Kal Penn as an actor, helps organize an event on Oct. 14, 2009, in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C.
Actor Kal Penn, who formerly was an associate director in the White House Office of Public Engagement, wrote an op-ed on young people and Obamacare.

Hollywood actor and occasional government employee Kal Penn endorsed Obamacare in an op-ed this week and got a shoutout on Twitter for it.

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"Disclaimer: @KalPenn has only played fake doctors on TV – but he still knows the importance of affordable health care," tweeted the @BarackObama Twitter account, run by Organizing for Action, on Wednesday afternoon. Before his White House gig, Penn appeared on the television show "House."

Disclaimer: @KalPenn has only played fake doctors on TV—but he still knows the importance of affordable health care.

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) January 22, 2014

Penn's op-ed piece started a bit bizarrely.

"WTF Obamacare, who are you? When I turn on the news I'm told everyone hates you, when I try to log onto your website, I feel like everyone mayyyyybe tolerates you, and when I read data and projections, I feel like everyone loves you," Penn wrote.

Penn's point was that people under 35 now make up 30 percent of Obamacare enrollees and that, contrary to cable news belief, "young Americans have been signing up for Obamacare and getting the health insurance that they want."

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Conservatives, of course, interpreted enlisting the actor – who did two stints in the White House – as Democratic desperation.

"'We're so screwed': Desperate OFA taps Kal Penn to mask Obamacare suckage," read a headline on viral right-wing news site Twitchy.

Penn, whose real name is Kalpen Modi, left the White House in 2011 for a recurring role on television show "How I Met Your Mother," but still comes back to Washington a lot. In fact, Whispers saw him taking in the D.C. nightlife Friday, at Logan Circle watering hole Stoney's.

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