Watch Joe Biden Check Out a Mustang

The veep visited the North American International Auto Show.

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Talk about a missed opportunity. Vice President Joe Biden was in Detroit Thursday giving a speech at the North American International Auto Show, where he also looked at cars. The White House put out a brief Vine video of Biden taking in some American made autos -- but there's no sound.

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Biden has previously talked about being the son of a General Motors car dealership manager and driving a 1967 Corvette.

However, it was the satirical newspaper the Onion that probably produced the best story when it comes to Biden and cars, with the 2009 headline, "Shirtless Biden Washes Trans Am in White House Driveway." The vice president took the parody in stride. "You think I'd drive a Trans Am? I have been in my bathing suit in my driveway and not only washed my Goodwood-green 1967 Corvette, but also Simonized it," he said in a 2011 interview with Car and Driver. "At least the Onion should have had me washing a Trans Am convertible. I love convertibles." 

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