House Speaker John Boehner Loves Pete's Diner, but Disses the Bacon

The speaker plugs his breakfast ritual in Esquire.

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House Speaker John Boehner was asked by men's magazine Esquire to give a recommendation of something to try in the month of January. Boehner's advice? Have breakfast at a diner. It's something the Ohio Republican does on an almost-daily basis and something he says is comforting "particularly in the dead of winter."

"I sit at the counter in jeans and a ballcap," Boehner wrote. "Order eggs, and sometimes sausage, but never on Friday. (And never the bacon. My diner makes lousy bacon. I don't know why.)"

In the Esquire piece, Boehner doesn't name drop his diner, which everyone in Washington knows is Pete's on Capitol Hill.

[WATCH: Teen Girls Grill Boehner on Immigration During His Breakfast]

And perhaps that's to prevent future interruptions. In November, two teenagers approached the House speaker as he was having his breakfast at Pete's. (And, true to form, Boehner was sporting jeans and a ballcap.) Thirteen-year-old Carmen Lima told Boehner the story of how her father was almost deported, hoping he would bring the Senate-passed immigration reform bill to the House floor for a vote.

"I am trying to find some way to get this thing done," Boehner replied. "It's, as you know, not easy."

As the girls continued to press him, Boehner ate his eggs facing forward and ended the conversation with a nod of agreement and a quick thank you. Later in the day, Boehner vowed not to touch the Senate bill.

But, speaking of immigrants, Boehner praised Pete's mostly-immigrant staff in the Esquire piece.

"I've been going there for years and the staff all know me. They're mostly immigrants from China and Vietnam," he explained. "They don't make a fuss over me -- and they never talk to the reporters who come to snoop around every now and again."

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