Allen West's Motorcycle 'Is American' Because He's Sitting On It

West likes his Honda for being unique and cheap.

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Former Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., has a book coming out next spring called "Guardian of the Republic" and gave his fans a tease of the cover shot, which features West sitting squarely atop a very patriotic motorcycle. A motorcycle that happens to be a Honda.

"Of course, I know what folks are saying, why ain't the Col on a Harley-Davidson?" West wrote Whispers in an email. "First thing, I like the uniqueness of my bike," West explained. " Second thing, I am a fiscal conservative and this bike just happens to be very well-priced," he continued.

West started riding motorcycles back in 1985 in Italy and started with a Honda, he explained. Now he's graduated on to the 2005 Honda VTX-1800N shown on the cover. "The power is incredible," West noted, adding that his motorcycle is very loud. The bald eagle and the American flag are a custom paint job by Chopper Zoo in Ft. Lauderdale in West's home state of Florida. "And as long as I put my American butt on it, it is American," he told Whispers.

West's book comes out April 1, 2014 and is being advertised as "an American Ronin's journey to faith, family and freedom," another nod to Japanese culture, as a Ronin is a Samurai with no lord or master.

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