Jon Huntsman's Daughters Made Fun of Fox News in Final Video

The Huntsman daughters parodied 'Fox and Friends.'

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Jon Huntsman's daughters (from left), Liddy, Mary Anne and Abby appear on CBS' "Face the Nation" on Nov. 6, 2011, in Washington, D.C.
Jon Huntsman's daughters (from left), Liddy, Mary Anne and Abby, seen here on CBS' "Face the Nation" in November 2011, were memorable campaigners during Huntman's 2012 bid.

The Jon2012Girls – Mary Anne, Liddy and Abby Huntsman – achieved political fame during the 2012 presidential cycle playing the role of reliably fun surrogates for their father, former Ambassador to China and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman.

Most memorably, the three 20-something sisters spoofed Herman Cain's "smoking" ad, replacing Cain's cigarette-smoking campaign manager Mark Block with the trio, wearing mustaches and blowing bubbles.

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There is, however, one final video in the vault, according to the new book "Double Down," and it was probably best that it remained offline.

"Their final effort had to be quashed by the campaign," wrote authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann. "A spoof on Fox News morning show Fox and Friends, the clip was entitled 'Foxes and Friends' and featured the lasses gussied up in blond wigs, interviewing a [Mitt] Romney bobblehead doll."

"Double Down" delves into the rocky relationship between the Huntsman clan and the Romneys, even though Jon Huntsman did eventually throw his support behind GOP nominee Mitt Romney. "Double Down" officially hits bookstores Tuesday. Whispers obtained a copy independently from the publisher.


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