Michelle Obama Scolds Those Who Reported White House Garden's Demise

The first lady says the White House garden is doing just fine.

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First lady Michelle Obama carries just-harvested pumpkins while joining with school children to harvest fruits and vegetable from the White House Kitchen Garden during an event Oct. 30, 2013 in Washington, DC.
First lady Michelle Obama touted the health and beauty of the White House Kitchen Garden Wednesday, contrary to those who called it a rotting mess due to the government shutdown.

First lady Michelle Obama subliminally tsked-tsked those who said that the White House Kitchen Garden was a weed-filled rotting mess due to the government shutdown. "And look at the garden, it looks pretty good," the first lady told the group of local students helping with the fall harvest at the White House Wednesday.

"For those of you who may have prematurely reported on the demise of the White House Kitchen Garden, as you can see, it is healthy and growing and fine, and we are excited to see what we can pull up today," she continued, clearly meaning that message for the media standing nearby.

The blog Obama Foodorama was the first to report that the White House garden had gone to the squirrels during the 16-day shutdown.

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As for the bounty, with the help of Nutrition Policy director Sam Kass, FLOTUS dug up burrito-sized sweet potatoes. She picked up pumpkins, some bigger than basketballs, and came over to survey one carrot that was particularly massive.

Acting as color commentators were "Sesame Street" characters Elmo and Rosita, who helped announce a new fruit and veggie-friendly partnership with the White House earlier in the day. "That is beautiful," Rosita said, gushing over the broccoli. "You know my favorite is broccoli soup," she added. Elmo tried singing songs about garden vegetables. "Elmo is no lyricist," the muppet admitted.

Obama seemed pleased with her group of helpers. "We've been waiting for you guys for a long time," she said. "We had to postpone the harvest because we had to wait for you -- and you're here," she said, not saying anything about that shutdown.

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