Liz Cheney Should Move to South Carolina, Suggests Ann Coulter

The conservative columnist wants rid of Lindsey Graham.

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Conservative columnist Ann Coulter, left, and Liz Cheney, right.
Conservative columnist Ann Coulter, left, suggested Liz Cheney abandon the Wyoming senate race and relocate to south Carolina to spice up the fight for Sen. Lindsey Graham's seat.

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter has an idea that would solve two political problems for the price of one carpetbagger. "Why didn't Liz Cheney move to South Carolina?" Coulter said at a bloggers' briefing Wednesday.

"She hasn't lived in Wyoming for, what, at least a decade? If she moved to South Carolina we could all rally behind her." Coulter is, of course, complaining about how Cheney jumped into the Wyoming U.S. Senate race to unseat Sen. Mike Enzi, a fellow Republican. Whereas, Sen. Lindsey Graham's, R-S.C., tea party challengers are not that exciting to Coulter.

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"We should not be spending five seconds of energy, money, thought on saving a safe Republican senate seat," Coulter urged. "Once we have a nice, you know, 12 seat majority then we'll purge the losers, except Lindsey Graham, we can purge him now."

The conservative author, who's doing the rounds to promote her 10th book, "Never Trust a Liberal Over Three--Especially a Republican," also encouraged Republican house members from South Carolina to jump into the primary race. "Whichever Republican member of congress does not run against Lindsey Graham right now is going to end up being in position of Biden's son, Beau Biden, who decided not to run in Delaware because Mike Castle has it wrapped up," Coulter recalled. Castle was defeated in the GOP primary in Delaware by tea party favorite Christine O'Donnell, who then lost to Democrat Chris Coons. "I say if any Republican United States congressman from South Carolina runs against Lindsey Graham, he will win," Coulter concluded. "He will not only win the primary, he will win the seat."

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