Ann Coulter Cuts Into MSNBC's Thomas Roberts

The conservative writer has harsh words for the host.

Conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter delivers remarks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Feb. 10, 2012, in Washington, D.C.
Ann Coulter called MSNBC host Thomas Roberts "the stupidest gay person," at a Heritage Foundation event Wednesday.

Best-selling conservative author Ann Coulter has found a new MSNBC host to hate. 

Explaining to bloggers at a Heritage Foundation briefing Wednesday that she thought "Hardball" host Chris Matthews still topped her list of "idiotic" hosts at the left-leaning network, she said there was a daytime host that was giving Matthews a run for his money.

"Is it Thomas Roberts or Roberts Thomas?" she asked her audience. The correct answer is Thomas Roberts, who anchors the live 11 a.m. hour on weekdays.

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"I keep meaning to tweet this: The stupidest straight person was a man from the 16th century found in outer Mongolia, the skeleton was recently unearthed, and the stupidest gay person: Thomas Roberts," Coulter continued. "Which is weird because gays are usually smarter and more articulate; did they find, like, the one horribly idiot gay?"

She then suggested that the bloggers tune in and see it for themselves. "Seriously, he's retarded, you're laughing like you haven't seen him," she said. "You're doing yourself a disservice."

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