Sen. John McCain Colorfully Compliments His Kids

Daughter Meghan interviewed dad for her talk show.

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Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., with son Jimmy and daughter Meghan on a recent episode of "Raising McCain."
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., with son Jimmy and daughter Meghan on a recent episode of "Raising McCain."

One perk of having your own television show is that you can book all kinds of guests. But Meghan McCain, for her Pivot channel docu-talk show, "Raising McCain," stuck close to home this time around.

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She sat down with dad, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who seemed pretty pleased with himself for raising successful McCains. "I am proud of you and Jack and Jimmy and Bridget," John McCain told his daughter, referring to his four youngest children. "Each in your own way has been remarkably successful and have turned out far better than your mom and I could have hoped."

Then the senator – sporting, for the interview, a Navy baseball cap and a "the beatings will continue until morale improves" t-shirt – smirked. "And that doesn't mean that all of you are not a giant pain in the ass from time to time," John McCain told his daughter.

The McCains also talked politics, with John McCain touching on his early political career and how he deals with criticism.

McCain, who held a House seat for two terms before becoming a U.S. Senator, said he was recruited to run for office because of his service in the military, but had to dodge complaints that he was a carpetbagger.

"One of the things when I was attacked for not being from Arizona during my first campaign, I mentioned the longest I'd ever lived anyplace in my life was in Hanoi – certainly didn't want to run for office there," McCain said, referring to being a POW for five and a half years in Vietnam.

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John McCain also recalled being beaten up on Twitter after dissing Vladimir Putin. "Dear Vlad, the Arab Spring is coming to a neighborhood near you," John McCain tweeted back in Dec. 2011. "I got literally hundreds of tweets back in Russian, so I asked this guy from the Library of Congress, I said, 'come on, translate some of these,'" John McCain remembered. "He said, 'there [are] obscenities I have seldom read.' He says, 'there's questions about your family, your relations with your family, your relations with animals.'"

Meghan McCain started laughing. "Relations?" she said.

"I think the point is, you've just got to develop a thick skin," John McCain continued. "I say that easily, but I've still got a thin skin."

While Whispers received a sneak peek, the full interview will air during Saturday's episode of "Raising McCain" on the new Pivot channel.

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