That's 'Mashed Potato Mitt' to You

Mitt and Ann Romney appeared Friday on Rachael Ray's show.

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Lena Lerner, left, sits with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann as they eat lunch while riding on the campaign bus on Jan. 20, 2012, in Gilbert, S.C.
Mitt and Ann Romney appeared Friday on Rachael Ray's show.

The Romneys re-emerged Friday, making an appearance on Rachael Ray's show, where Ann Romney demonstrated a favorite family recipe: sweet pork burritos.

"This is why Mitt likes it," Ann Romney said, as she loaded two cups of sugar – one brown and one white – into a blender, adding two cans of cherry cola to the slow-cooker pork recipe as well.

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For the burritos, Ann Romney said that son Craig Romney makes the guacamole and son Josh Romney always does a homemade pico de gallo salsa. But Ray was also interested in hearing what the former GOP presidential candidate's duties were in the kitchen.

"What's your favorite one to cook, Mitt? Do you like to man the grill or are you more of a breakfast guy? Do you like to flip the flapjacks?" Ray asked.

Mitt Romney explained that early on in his marriage, Ann over-whipped the mashed potatoes and "they got kind of glue-like," so now he makes them every time. "I'm the mashed potato guy," Romney said.

"Mashed potato Mitt!" Ray exclaimed.

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