Liberal Group Tries to Make 'Flat Boehner' Happen

The group Americans United for Change got crafty.

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Progressive group Americans United for Change has introduced a new character into the shutdown mix: a slightly creepy, paper doll version of House Speaker John Boehner, nicknamed Flat Boehner.

"Remember Flat Stanley? Well, meet Flat Stanley's evil twin," communications director Jeremy Funk wrote Thursday in an email to supporters. "He's a strange orangey tan color, he cries a lot, and he just shut down the entire United States government, throwing hundreds of thousands of people out of work and risking our fragile economic recovery."

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Flat Stanley is the main character in a series of children's books, and a common project with the Flat Stanley paper doll is to have it photographed around the world. The liberal organization upped the ante by asking folks to print out "Flat Boehner" and photograph him with closed monuments and other things impacted by this week's government shutdown and then tweet the pictures using the hashtags #FlatBoehner and #GOPShutdown.

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"If you can't make it to a national park, a passport office or a military base, take a picture of a furloughed worker, a shrinking wallet, anything that tells the story of what the irresponsible Republican leadership has done to America," Funk instructed.

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