Political Ping Pong, 'The West Wing' Await Furloughed Federal Workers

A Washington synagogue has planned entertainment for the shutdown.

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Man playing ping pong or table tennis.
A Washington-area synagogue is hosting ping pong games for federal workers forced to entertain themselves due to a looming government shutdown.

Federal workers won't necessarily be sitting around twiddling their thumbs if the government does indeed shutdown. 

The Sixth and I Synagogue, a historic institution located in the Chinatown neighborhood of downtown D.C., is inviting furloughed folks to come by and play the blame game. Literally.

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On the schedule of fun things to do at the synagogue's "Shutdown Central" (which will also feature basics like food, coffee, wi-fi) will be political ping pong starring some familiar faces.

"The political ping pong is a play off of the political back-and-forth, so we'll most likely have Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Cantor on paddles," says the synagogue's communications manager Hannah Orenstein. "We're not sure where we want to put Boehner yet," she added.

And for those who want to be reminded of Washington at its best, episodes of "The West Wing" will be streamed throughout the shutdown.

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