'Crossfire's' S.E. Cupp Adjusts to Living in the 'Hoboken of D.C.'

The new 'Crossfire' host has observations about the D.C. area.

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S.E. Cupp attends a premiere screening for Season 3 of the hit series 'Homeland' at Corcoran Gallery of Art on September 9, 2013 in Washington.

As part of her new gig as a CNN "Crossfire" host, conservative columnist and MSNBC alumna S.E. Cupp has made the move from the Big Apple to the District. But not quite D.C. proper as she explained to the crowd at Tuesday night's "Crossfire" party at the Carnegie Library in downtown Washington. "I wish someone had told me before I moved to Arlington that I live in the Hoboken of the D.C. metro area, I had no idea," Cupp said of D.C.'s less hip, suburban Virginia sister, located just across the Potomac river.

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Cupp divulged a couple of other observations about "This Town--hashtag." (And yes, Cupp actually said "hashtag" when referencing the nickname for Washington, which came to prominence earlier this summer with the release of New York Times Magazine correspondent Mark Leibovich's popular book of the same name.)

"There's been some comforts from home, which is nice, because apparently you guys just steal all of the New York restaurants and bring them here," Cupp said. "If one more person asks if I've been to Rosa Mexicano, I will rip my tongue out," Cupp said, referencing the popular Mexican chain.

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Finally, she turned to fashion. "And thirdly, note, there are other stores, gentlemen, than Vineyard Vines," she said. "Talking to you, Luke Russert."

Overall, however, Cupp said she's found the experience enjoyable. "Apparently I don't have a mayor here that won't let me drink Big Gulps," she said. "I'm going to gorge on trans fats and salts."

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