Oy Vey! Anthony Weiner Unloads on Jewish Voter

Well, there goes the Jewish vote.

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Screenshot of New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's altercation with a voter Wednesday afternoon.

Well, there goes the Jewish vote.

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At a campaign stop Wednesday, New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner lashed out at a Jewish voter who questioned the Democratic pol's behavior. The voter called Weiner disgusting, deviant and immoral. Weiner requested that the voter visit a rabbi. And the whole exchange was caught on film.

Weiner was exiting an eatery, food in mouth, when the words began. "What's that? You wait 'til I walk out to say anything? That's courage," Weiner said. "You are my judge? What rabbi told you that? What rabbi taught you that you're my judge?...Go visit your rabbi."

Meanwhile, the customer called out Weiner for his infidelity. "I'm telling you what you did was disgusting, it's immoral, and think about your wife, right?" the unidentified man said. "How could you take the person you're closest to and betray her?"

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Weiner continued to engage, touting his record with the Jewish community, which is on the verge of celebrating the new year with Rosh Hashanah beginning at sundown.

"By the way, I have fought very hard for this community and delivered more than you ever [have] in your entire life," Weiner said. "Your ignorance is being shown to the entire world."

Here's the exchange:


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