Chris Christie Sassily Chooses Wife Over Rand Paul

Sorry Rand Paul, but Chris Christie will not be hanging out with you.

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who will give the keynote address, and his wife Mary Pat Christie stand on stage for a soundcheck during the Republican National Convention on August 28, 2012 in Tampa, Florida.

Sorry Rand Paul, but Chris Christie will not be hanging out with you.

The Kentucky senator's political action committee, Rand PAC, announced Monday that Paul would be swinging through New Jersey on September 13 to give a boost to Republican U.S. Senate candidate Steve Lonegan – the guy running against Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

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That, of course, led to speculation that Paul might meet up with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie during his trip. But Christie made it crystal clear during a Monday press conference (and again on Twitter, and again by posting the video clip on YouTube) how he planned to spend that weekend and it wasn't in a political Kumbaya session.

In a choice between being with my wife on her birthday or Senator Rand Paul, I choose my wife.

— Governor Christie (@GovChristie) September 3, 2013

"I had to choose – it was a very tough choice...but I had to choose between my wife and Rand Paul," Christie said. "And it's Mary Pat's 50th birthday that weekend and I'm taking her away, just the two of us for her 50th birthday." The Republican governor said the couple would be leaving Friday morning and not return until Sunday night. "And in a choice between Mary Pat Christie and Rand Paul, it's no choice for me–so, I'll be with Mary Pat," Christie concluded.

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