Pro-Snowden Ad Near White House Targets 'Unrepentant' Obama

Group urges more 'embarrassing' disclosures.

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A man walks past Oath Keepers' new Metro ad in Washington, D.C.
A man walks past an Oath Keepers ad inside the Farragut West Metro station in Washington, D.C.

A group of current and former law enforcement and military members supporting NSA leaker Edward Snowden wants more "embarrassing" disclosures about classified programs operated by the Obama administration.

The group, Oath Keepers, has added an advertisement near the White House to its anti-secrecy media campaign.

Located inside the Farragut West stop of D.C.'s Metro rail system, the new ad tells readers, "Snowden Honored His Oath. Honor Yours! Stop Big Brother!"

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A photograph of President Barack Obama is bracketed by red panels that say "Truth Is Treason" and "Big Brother Is Watching."

Last month the group posted three ads inside the Pentagon Metro stop, encouraging workers with access to classified information to "expose unconstitutional actions."

The Pentagon ads enraged some workers, including one man interviewed by WJLA-TV. "[Snowden] should be crucified," the man said.

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"[T]he graphic has been upgraded to feature Obama as Big Brother since he remains unrepentant even after Snowden's embarrassing exposure of a snooping program the Administration denied ever existed," Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes said in a released statement.

Rhodes told U.S. News late last month that Oath Keepers aspired to buy ad space near the NSA's Fort Meade, Md., headquarters and near the CIA headquarters in Langley, Va.

Farragut West is one of two Metro stops nearest to the White House. The new ad is located along the train platform, near the exit furthest from Obama's residence.

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