Snowden Offered $100K Job by 'Meet at the Airport' Dating Service

'This just seems like a nice fit,' says the company's current spokesman.

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Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has been unemployed since Booz Allen Hamilton fired him June 11 for exposing government phone and Internet surveillance programs, but he's received yet another unsolicited job offer.

The dating website publicly offered Snowden a job as its spokesman Tuesday. His pay would be $100,000 a year.

"I would hand over to Snowden the day-to-day responsibilities," current company spokesman Darren Shuster told U.S. News. "This just seems like a nice fit."

The fugitive whistle-blower left Moscow's international airport Thursday after more than a month holed up in its transit area. He was granted one year of political asylum by the Russian government.

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"Edward Snowden certainly made the best of his airport layovers to network, negotiate and even hold press conferences," said company CEO Steve Pasternak in a release, "and he could use a steady job about now."

Anatoly Kucherena, a Russian lawyer working with Snowden, told CNN that Snowden was staying with new American friends in Moscow who he became acquainted with while stranded at the airport.

Shortly after he was granted asylum, Pavel Durov, the CEO of Russian social network VKontakte, offered Snowden a job. Without naming a salary, he invited Snowden - via a VK post - to join a "stellar team of programmers" working to protect user privacy.

Kucherena told RT on Tuesday that Snowden hasn't settled on a new job just yet. "I don't yet know where he's going to work," he said. "He still has some money left."

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The airport meet-up service's offer was delivered to Snowden in writing approximately 10 days ago, when he was still at the Moscow airport, Shuster said, citing Pasternak.

Shuster, who works at an outside PR firm, said he was not provided further details about how the offer was delivered. Snowden will also "see it in the news, won't he?" the spokesman offered.

Pasternak also owns the website, which matches aging men with younger women. The offer to Snowden doesn't have an expiration date and funding for the position is not a concern, the Los Angeles-based spokesman said.

The job offer might be nixed "if the [American] government decides that's not a good idea" and is able to prove paying a wanted man would violate the law, Shuster said.

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