Edward Snowden Inspires Hilarious, Awful Music

A look at the artistic triumphs and trash of the past two months.

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Creative originals and musical remakes dedicated to former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have popped up on YouTube since the fugitive whistle-blower revealed massive phone and Internet surveillance programs.

Here are five of the best – and a couple decidedly amateur – songs about Snowden and the NSA that appeared online during the past two months:


"500 Files" by Tyrannosaurus Rocks, a group that makes silly songs about news events, is catchy and could probably even make Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., smile.


The music video for "Whistleblower" by Australia's Juice Rap News features hilarious impersonations of Snowden and Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian. "Snowden" then raps about his deeds.


Johnny Punish, who describes himself as a punk rock singer and a "fully certified global political and eco-activist" released "NSA Agent" in June. By the looks of the music video, Snowden was a leaker in the 1970s.


YouTube user Ben Pepper's song "I Got Cockblocked by NSA" begins with sending a "sexy text" to his girlfriend using Verizon. The government's collection of metadata on all Verizon accounts is apparently a turn-off.


It's hard not to get a headache watching this video, posted online by Franz Grueter. The song implores people to "listen to the bozos" as it editorializes on public figures whose photos flash by. Yes, a few of the public officials seem to be wearing Hitler mustaches.

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