Gun Control Group Wants Ted Nugent Removed From NRA Board After Racist Comments

Petition to remove Ted Nugent from the NRA after his racist comments.

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Muscician and NRA board member Ted Nugent's column on Trayvon Martin has drawn the ire of a gun control group.

After Ted Nugent made comments about the Trayvon Martin case that were seen as racist, a gun control group is demanding his removal from the National Rifle Association's board of directors.

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The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has launched a petition to "publicly repudiate Ted Nugent's racist rhetoric" and have him kicked off of the NRA's board of directors.

The "Cat Scratch Fever" rocker called Martin a "17-year-old dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe" in a column for conservative media website Rare. Nugent continued to say, "The only racism on that night was perpetrated by Trayvon Martin, and everybody knows it."

In a July 16 appearance on the conservative talk radio show "The Alex Jones Show," Nugent asserted that those most prejudiced against African-Americans were African-American themselves.

"There are black mobs across America that are guilty of the worst racism since the Klan," Nugent said. "The worst racism against blacks is documented and undeniable by blacks."

Nugent continued to say that black Americans are tricked into believing they're oppressed.

"The blacks have bought into this lie that somehow they're oppressed when the president is black, the attorney general is black, governors are black, senators are black, congressmen are black, mayors are black, Oprah Winfrey [and some of] the richest people in the world are black. It is a dirty lie," he said.

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Currently, the group says the petition for his removal has about 1,300 signatures.

"These disgusting comments reveal that Nugent has moved to a new extreme of unapologetic, overt racism," coalition Executive Director Josh Horwitz said in a press release. "No credible organization should be associating with this kind of hater, let alone continuing to allow him to serve on its board."

Horwitz also stated if the NRA wants to continue to bill itself as the "oldest civil rights organization in the United States" then it needs to "walk the walk" and sever its ties with Nugent.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is, according to their website, a nonprofit organization seeking to "secure freedom from gun violence through research, strategic engagement and effective policy advocacy."

The NRA and Nugent did not respond to Whispers' repeated requests for comment.

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