Odd Details, Possible Lead After Burglary at Whistleblower's Law Firm

The suspects 'look like they were hired by someone,' says law firm partner.


The Dallas offices of law firm Schulman & Mathias were burglarized a little more than a week ago by two crooks caught on camera stealing three computers in what the attorneys say might have been a hired job to snatch documents related to explosive whistleblowing allegations.

Schulman & Mathias represents two clients fighting the State Department. Aurelia Fedenisn's case has attracted the most attention. Fedenisn provided a draft State Department inspector general report to CBS News in June detailing bombshell allegations that alleged sex crimes involving diplomats - including one U.S. ambassador who allegedly visited prostitutes - were habitually disregarded or brushed off by State Department leaders.

Rick Higbie, another client of the firm, named Hillary Clinton in a lawsuit alleging State Department Diplomatic Security Service officials wrongly demoted him. That case may morph into a perjury case against two officials, James Rosen of Fox News reported in June.

Damon Mathias, a partner at the firm, told U.S. News that the burglars - who cut through the wall to gain access from a vacant office suite - probably weren't motivated by theft of valuables, but by theft of information.

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This screenshot from Google Maps show the Dallas business park where the Schulman & Mathias law firm is located.
This screenshot from Google Maps show the Dallas business park where the Schulman & Mathias law firm is located.

"The people in the video don't look like they're political at all," Mathias noted. "They look like they were hired by someone."

Mathias declined to say if the firm was preparing to release more information on behalf of Fedenisn.

Whoever was behind the crime might have been "looking to see what we had," Mathias said. "There are a fair amount of people who have been implicated in the documents [released by Fedenisn]. As far as motive is concerned, that information pertained to them."

The firm didn't provide police with a list of possible suspects, and the police have not identified any persons of interest in the case. "We are looking at who was interested in protecting the information," the attorney said.

"We're in theory land," Mathias stressed, adding that he and his partner, Cary Schulman, "never alleged that the State Department came here and robbed us."

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Foreign Policy magazine previously quoted State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki issuing a flat denial of involvement.

Among the odd details about the robbery is that only one credit card was stolen from a drawer that contained four cards. It's unclear to the attorneys why the crooks took one card from the drawer, but left behind three others and unsecured silver valued around $125.

The missing credit card was used for several retail purchases at Dallas' Valley View Center mall around 4:45 p.m. on June 29, Mathias said.

Eerily, the shopping spree happened four hours before security cameras in the firm's office building recorded two suspects first entering the building and then leaving with computers.

Dallas police spokeswoman Sherri Jeffrey told U.S. News that although the crime remains unsolved, police are aware of the purchases and seeking to acquire store surveillance footage.

Over the weekend KDFW-TV aired footage of the two suspects, a man and a woman, entering the office building around 8:30 p.m. on June 29, then leaving together with boxes. A second clip shows the man returning alone around 3:30 a.m. June 30, leaving along with what Mathias said was a "big" box. No other offices in the building were affected.

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