Moms Urge Gun Control, Background Checks With Cow Costumes

Members of will urge Senators for gun control legislation by dressing as cows.

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Local resident Linda Finkel-Talvadkar holds a sign during a gun control demonstration in front of the White House June 17, 2013 in Washington, DC.

Families will urge Senators for gun control legislation by dressing as cows July 9.

Members of grassroots organization and their children will deliver constituent messages, toy cows and key chains that read, "Don't be cowed by the gun lobby! Let's get moooving on gun safety legislation," to Senate offices at 10:30 a.m.

In anticipation of upcoming votes on gun legislation, MomsRising is urging Senators "to put aside their fear of the [National Rifle Association's] leadership and its allies and stand up for the safety of families and communities."

The organization points to the Newtown, Conn. inspired Manchin-Toomey bill – a bipartisan effort to expand background checks for firearm purchases at gun shows and online that failed by five votes in April – as an example of NRA bullying. The leadership of the NRA and their allies pressured Senators to oppose the bill despite 90 percent of the public supporting the effort, it claims.

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The group is advocating "common sense gun laws" such as stronger background checks for gun purchases, restrictions on military-style guns and high-caliber magazines and severe federal penalties for interstate and international gun trafficking.

"After the December 14 Sandy Hook tragedy thousands of our members contacted us and asked us to get involved from all over the county," Executive Director and co-founder Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner told Whispers. "MomsRising has over a million members, and our members are touched by the daily gun violence epidemic that is in our nation right now, with more than 30 people being murdered by guns each day. Moms have really had enough with worrying about whether it's safe to drop their kids off at school, at a park, [or] at a movie theater and want responsible gun policy." is an online grassroots organization established in 2006. It works for paid family leave, flexible work options, affordable childcare and an end to wage and hiring discrimination of mothers. It also advocates for health care for all, toxic-free environments and breast-feeding rights.

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