Meet Vin Testa, the Face of the Supreme Court Gay Marriage Rulings Today

Gay marriage supporter Vin Testa's photo was on every major news site Wednesday.

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Same sex marriage advocate Vin Testa runs from the Supreme Court carrying the result of the first ruling on same sex marriages June 26, 2013 in Washington, DC.

If you went to any major news site Wednesday to find news on the Supreme Court's two landmark gay marriage rulings, chances are you've seen the face of Vin Testa.

The 23-year-old gay marriage advocate and D.C. Public Schools 9th grade algebra teacher has been standing on the steps of the Supreme Court for the last three days, often alone, as gay marriage advocates didn't know when SCOTUS would issue the momentous decisions.

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Over the course of those three days, Testa's photo was taken by the Associated Press, Reuters, Getty, and the Washington Post. In nearly all of the photos, Testa is dressed in a colorful tank top (including the famous SCOTUS blog tank), wielding a rainbow flag, and standing solo atop the Court's steps.

"I'll be here until they tell me," Testa told U.S. News on Wednesday ahead of the decisions, as he was joined by hundreds of other gay marriage advocates. After the Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and cleared the way for California to resume gay marriage, Testa tweeted simply: "#history #equalityforall."

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