Illinois State Rep to Host 'Teeni Weeni Bikini Martini Party'

Ill. Rep. Wheeler says she got the idea because her friend has a 'ridiculously awesome pool.'

Illinois State Rep. Barbara Wheeler, right, says the fundraiser was inspired by a friend's "awesome pool."

An Illinois state representative is hosting a "Teeni Weeni Bikini Martini party" to raise funds for her campaign, with tickets for party-goers who don a one-piece selling for $250, while those who come in a little bikini must pay $500 and tickets for Speedo-wearers are priced at $1,000.


Rep. Barbara Wheeler, R-Crystal Lake, tells Whispers she started the event as a simple martini fundraiser, but decided to transform it to a "Teeni Weeni Bikini Martini" event after "my girlfriend opened this ridiculously awesome pool in her backyard."

"It's like a country club," she says.

Wheeler, who served as a county board member for 10 years before joining the state legislature, says she and the event's hostess both plan to wear bikinis, but will wear a sundress over them at first because the event is a family affair. "I have 5 kids ... and 40 nieces and nephews," she said. "But of course then it gets dark, and the kids go home, and everyone eventually brings out their bathing suits – and especially their bikinis and Speedos."

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