Conservatives on IRS Threats: 'Be Very Afraid'

Right-wingers say the IRS made 'target lists' for liberals and intimidated conservative families.

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(J. Scott Applewhite/AP)
Tea party activists attend a rally on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol in Washington. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

It's been about a month since it was revealed that the Internal Revenue Service had targeted politically conservative groups applying for tax exempt status, and right-wingers are still seething.

Cleta Mitchell, an attorney suing the IRS on behalf of targeted conservative groups, called the federal organization "Orwellian" at a panel hosted Thursday by Judicial Watch, a conservative government transparency group.

"Be afraid," Mitchell said. "Be very, very afraid."

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Mitchell told stories of families who have been harassed by the government, including home visits from the FBI and IRS.

"This isn't in the past tense; this is still ongoing," she said.

Mitchell could not see the IRS being saved after its persecution of American citizens. It should be abolished, she said.

Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, which is suing the IRS over its alleged leak of the organization's tax documents to an opposing group, also expressed his frustration.

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"Where is the ACLU?" he asked, referencing the American Civil Liberties Union, the left-leaning civil liberties group.

Brown claimed his political opponents wanted to silence conservatives and target people who support traditional marriage.

Both Mitchell and Brown blamed post-Watergate privacy measures, which strictly protects the privacy of those providing information to government agencies, for allowing the IRS intrusions.

"[Liberals] don't want transparency," Mitchell said. "They want a target list."

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