Adam Kokesh Arrested at Marijuana Rally

Adam Kokesh is being held on charges of resisting arrest.

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Adam Kokesh, co-chair of Iraq Veterans Against the War, announces plans for a mass march against the war in September 2007.

Adam Kokesh, the libertarian talk show host and activist who encouraged gun owners to march on Washington with loaded guns this July 4, was arrested in Philadelphia on Saturday while participating in a "Smoke Down Prohibition" rally, according to his staff.

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Kokesh is being held at a federal detention center on charges of resisting arrest and will go before a judge at 1:30 p.m. Monday.

His arrest has already inspired thousands of supporters to post anti-government sentiments to Kokesh's Facebook page as well as share images that read: "Free Adam from the man."

Adam Kokesh, former co-chair of Iraq Veterans Against the War, was arrested at a "Smoke Down Prohibition" rally in Philadelphia on May 18, 2013. (Photos by Maria Izaurralde)

Kokesh has participated in past Smoke Down Prohibition rallies, as well as a number of anti-war protests as a member of the group Iraq Veterans Against the War. A Marine Cpl. in the Iraq war, Kokesh was honorably discharged after he brought a pistol home when his first tour concluded. He was then assigned "general discharge" after he wore his uniform during an anti-war protest, according to Fox News.

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But even some anti-war activists don't agree with Kokesh's activism. Iraq Veterans Against the War released a statement saying it was not affiliated with and didn't endorse the open carry march, and John Penley, a long-time anti-war activist and veteran of the Vietnam war, says Kokesh's arrest should make people think twice before joining his other rallies.

"If you are doing something as serious as encouraging people to bring loaded weapons to an illegal march, it is very dumb to put yourself in a position where you could be arrested for pot in a public place," Penley tells Whispers. "People should really think [before] joining his loaded weapon march on D.C."


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