White House Sasses GOP On Obamacare: 'It’s The Law’

Republicans called the message 'authoritarian' and 'creepy.'

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As the House took a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act Thursday - for the 38th time - the White House took the opportunity to sass the GOP on Twitter, writing: "It's. The. Law. #ObamaCareInThreeWords," along with a giant photo of President Barack Obama's signature of approval.

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Within minutes, the hashtag was trending across D.C., where Republicans decried the tweet as "authoritarian" and "creepy" and Democrats praised the law's benefits. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor responded with his own three words to describe the law: "We. Must. Repeal," while House Speaker John Boehner submitted a slew of negative three-words descriptions, such as "scares small businesses" and "run by IRS."

It's. The. Law. #ObamaCareInThreeWords, twitter.com/whitehouse/sta…

— The White House (@whitehouse) May 16, 2013

According to Govtrack, the repeal vote has only a 3 percent chance of being successful. But those changes don't reflect voter sentiment - an April Kaiser Health poll showed a narrow majority of Americans wanted the law repealed.

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Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., the first lawmaker to introduce a repeal Obamacare bill in the 113th Congress, warned supporters earlier this week in an email that the repeal vote was sure to stir the "national Democrat attack machine."


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