Adam Kokesh Seeks Obama Support for Open Carry March on Washington

Kokesh cites recent comments by Obama in support of the second amendment.

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Adam Kokesh, a Board Member of Iraq Veterans Against the War who served in Fallujah with a Marine Corps Civil Affairs team, participates with other veterans in "OPERATION NOT CHANGE", a tower-guard vigil across from the White House on March 19, 2009.

The Open Carry March on Washington planned for July 4 violates D.C. laws and has already been condemned by D.C. Police, but the event's organizer, libertarian talk show host Adam Kokesh, says he hopes the event wins President Obama's support.

Citing recent comments by Obama in Mexico in support of the second amendment, Kokesh tells Whispers the president could issue an order to the D.C. Police to allow the open carry march to take place with a police escort — though Kokesh has no evidence that could happen. "When you throw out a bold idea like this you don't know exactly what form its going to take," Kokesh says.

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D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier has already said protesters carrying loaded firearms into Washington could face arrest, as carrying a gun – either concealed or in the open – is illegal in the District of Columbia.

It is also somewhat ironic that Kokesh hopes for Obama's support. The talk show host has previously said Obama was "not fit to be commander-in-chief" and that the president should abandon his post or be removed by force.

Yet the march's Facebook page eagerly encourages supporters to spread the word to earn presidential support. "Let's get 100k signed up so that Obama himself cannot ignore us!" the page reads.

If POTUS fails to support the march – and we'll speculate that his approval is highly unlikely – Kokesh says protesters will march anyway, by walking up to the police line and "declaring the government illegitimate." Statements on the event's Facebook page such as "we would rather die on our feet than live on our knees" have sparked fears of violence at the march, but Kokesh tells Whispers he believes the rally "is going to be one of the safest events ever."

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