White House Joins Tumblr - Complete With GIFs, Vines and Bo

The White House promises animated gifs, vines and photos of Bo the dog.

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The White House was on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and now it's finally jumped aboard Tumblr, announcing Friday that it was launching a Tumblr blog because "sharing ... stuff with you is one of the best parts of our jobs."

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Tumblr, a blogging platform for text and multimedia, encourages viral content because users are able to re-share other bloggers' posts. The site is valued at $800 million by investors and said this week it only planned to get bigger.

The inaugural image posted to the White House site suggests the blog will be more fun, less wonk, and a whole lot of viral: animated gifs (hard "G"), Twitter vines, and appearances of White House dog Bo and Vice President Joe Biden.

Macon Phillips, who directs the White House office of digital strategy, suggested on Twitter Friday that the first Tumblr the White House might follow is the beloved Senate Charts Tumblr, which collects all the weird and compelling charts used on the Senate floor.

Tumblr's director of politics and causes Liba Rubenstein told Whispers: "I know out community will welcom arms - not just GIFs but the important issues too."

The White House likely hoped the announcement would spark a discussion of how open and transparent administration is — but so far it's mostly led to a heated debate about whether "gif" is indeed pronounced with a hard "g."

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  • This post has been updated to include a comment from Tumblr's director of politics and causes Liba Rubenstein.