Trump to Address Evangelicals

Trump will speak at the conference hosted by Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Donald Trump, a practicing Presbyterian, will join a host of politicians in speaking at a conference for evangelicals and social conservatives.

Whispers has learned that Donald Trump will address evangelicals and social conservatives at the Faith & Freedom Coalition's upcoming "Road to Majority" conference in Washington. The Donald will join a host of 2016 GOP hopefuls already announced as speakers – including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

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In an advance press release shared with Whispers, Faith & Freedom Coalition executive director Gary Marx said the group chose to add Trump to the roster because he "has been successful in all his endeavors," and "we hope he will be equally successful in achieving his goals of returning our nation to an economic superpower."

Trump is also a practicing Presbyterian, telling the Christian Broadcast Network in 2011 that he's a big fan of the Bible and frequently gives the good book out as gifts.

But political analyst Larry Sabato views the flamboyant real estate mogul's appearance at the religious conference somewhat skeptically.

"What's he going to talk about, marital bliss?" jokes Sabato of Trump, who is twice-divorced. "Trump enjoys dropping his name into the presidential process from time to time. And he's a headliner. He attracts attention, and people may attend on account of it. If he attacks Obama, he'll be applauded wildly."

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The Road to Majority conference, which is in its fourth year and calls itself a "premier event for people of faith and conservative activists," is spearheaded by Faith & Freedom chair and conservative evangelical leader Ralph Reed. The conference's goal: to train faith activists on everything from get-out-the-vote efforts to dealing with the media to lobbying Congress.

This year, the conference will be held June 13-15 at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington.

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