Gobbler, the Turkey Pardoned by Obama at Thanksgiving, Is Dead

Mount Vernon Estate says the turkey died of unknown causes.

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Gobbler, who escaped death's grasp at Thanksgiving through a pardon from President Barack Obama, has died of unknown causes, an official tells Whispers.

Gobbler spent his last days at the lavish Mount Vernon Estate, the former home of President George Washington, along with two other pardoned turkeys, Cobbler and Liberty.

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"Gobbler passed away suddenly. It was very quick. We don't know what the illness was," says Rebecca Aloisi, vice president for marketing at the Mount Vernon Estate. "But Cobbler and Liberty are alive and well. They are good company for each other. They get along great."

Cobbler was pardoned last year, while Liberty was pardoned in 2011. Apple and Cider, the two turkeys pardoned by Obama in 2010, both passed away within the year after they were granted clemency.

While Obama's turkeys appear to be cursed with short lives, turkeys intended for the thanksgiving table usually don't last long even if they escape the oven.

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Susie Coston, the national shelter director of the rescue group the Farm Sanctuary, told U.S. News last year that Thanksgiving turkeys bred for consumption are often fat and likely to experience health problems, such as strained joints, heart disease, and respiratory conditions. Coston said the pardoned turkeys would need to go on a restrictive diet to survive.

If Gobbler's name is any indication, he likely spent the last of his days doing anything but.

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