April Fools' in Washington Is Wonky, and Super Unfunny

D.C.'s April Fools' jokes are far too wonky.

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A surprise appearance by nine-year-old Robby Novak, also known as Kid President, was one of many dubious Washington, D.C. April Fool's jokes.

Serious Washington journalist Jake Tapper admonished his more than 260,000 followers on Twitter Monday: "A reminder about April Fool's pranks: they're supposed to be clever," and "BLARGITY BLARG [SOMETHING NOT TRUE] is not an April Fool's prank, it's just idiocy."

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No one in this town seems to be taking the hint. First, Christine O'Donnell, who is not a witch, announced that she had decided to become a Democrat and devotee of President Obama. Hilarious. Then, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, joked that Obama had said he wouldn't sign a plan that would add to the deficit, but then released Obamacare. Couldn't be funnier, Ted.

But wait! It gets wonkier.

Americans for Tax Reform, anti-tax campaigner Grover Norquist's group, sent out a fake email Monday announcing that Warren Buffett today had written an enormous check to the U.S. Treasury to comply with his the proposed tax plan the "Buffett Rule." The group even made fun of Obama's reliance on the phrase "Let me be clear."

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The White House, too, got some groans for its own Easter Egg Roll/April Fools' prank, which happened circa 10 a.m. when it said Obama was about to make a speech and instead brought out 9-year-old viral video star Kid President. "April Fools on all y'all," Robby Novak a.k.a Kid President said from the presidential podium. Enter bad political jokes, such as this one from political journalist/professor Ryan Beckwith: "Joe Biden still hopes to be the first real kid president." No one's made fun of Biden before. Ever.

But the award for most effort on a bad joke goes to the Sunlight Foundation, which said Monday it was launching a "transparency drone" that would sneak into exclusive fundraisers and other events, unseen. The drone already has its own Twitter feed, where it's harassing official accounts like @statedept and @uscapitol as well as fellow drone accounts like @drunkenpredator. "The sky's the limit!" Sunlight quipped.

Oh dear.

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