Janet Napolitano Still Doesn't Use Email Because it's a Time Suck

DHS chief refuses to use internet communication because it just 'sucks up time.'

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Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano listens to a reporter's question at Ronald Reagan National Airport on Nov. 15, 2010.

Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, known for her staunch avoidance of email, refuses to change her ways anytime soon. At a breakfast for reporters in Washington Tuesday hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Napolitano had not much good to say about sending communications via the Internet.

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On how she thinks about email:

"I think email just sucks up time ... in a job like mine [it's] inefficient."

On how she gets information without it:

"I have a variety of ways. Uh, uh, I'm constantly getting reports and emails throughout the day that come in through my headquarter staff that get to me. ... I do a lot of my own work by phone."

On the last time she used email:

"I stopped using email when I was the Attorney General of Arizona. Because I was just getting, I was starting to get hundreds and hundreds of things all the time and I was like: 'Why I am spending the time scrolling through this and responding to stuff that doesn't really need to be responded to?' "

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On how email can come back to bite you:

"I also don't like the process where people could send you an email and then say: 'See, you were told, or you know this.' And then it comes back two years later to say: 'Hey you got this email among the thousands you got every day.' "

On social media:

"I don't text and I don't Twitter."

Napolitano also told reporters in attendance that they were "all laughing" at her comments about email "because you know it's the truth."

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