Meet the Guy Who Drives the Chromed-Out Cadillac Obamamobile

T. Augurson is a motivational speaker who likes Obama, cars and pork cupcakes.

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After days of research, Whispers finally managed to track down the mysterious man who's been rolling around the D.C. area for months in an all-chrome Cadillac CTSV featuring President Obama's face, his campaign slogan "Forward", and the hashtag #ObamasCar.

T. Augurson, a motivational speaker and Dell employee, says he got the car because he wanted an interesting way to volunteer for Obama for America. Throughout the election, he showed up at campaign events, visited different states to tell people why he supported Obama, and today he hopes it's keeping people engaged in politics post-election.

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On Wednesday, Whispers took a ride in the Obamamobile to see how D.C. reacted, and to get the vital stats on Augurson and his car.

Why a Cadillac and why chrome?

I typically buy European. But I thought a President Obama car has to be American... I also knew a prince in Dubai liked Chrome cars. Because you have to look at them. I wanted an eye-catcher.

How was the car made and how much did it cost?

Obama is printed on with a vinyl film from 3m. ... The whole car, along with the film, was $95k.

(Credit: Liz Flock/USN&WR)

Best other feature of the car, besides Obama's face?

The engine is fast. It's 600 horses. But don't worry, I won't go fast unless you want me to.

Best reactions to the car?

Be it love or hate, it's really extreme. ... People make assumptions based on how I'm dressed. Either they think I'm a 1 percenter or a drug dealer. An elderly woman asked me if I had drugs once. ... A guy cursed me out and said I was supporting a terrorist and an idiot ... or they assume I know Obama personally. They all want to know what I do.

What do you tell them?

That I'm a Russian czar, once.

What do you do when you aren't driving Obama's car?

I've been eating a lot of exotic foods lately. I like the pork cupcakes at the Four Seasons.

How long will you keep the Obamamobile?

I'm actually going to sell it. ... I'm making a website and I'll sell it to the highest bidder. People have offered more than $100k. ... I'm going to go back to get a regular car.

Do you think President Obama has seen the car?

At George Mason, when Obama was there, they let me park close because they assumed I was with Obama. The police waved me right in. I got close to the motorcade when it went by. I think he saw it. He had to have seen it. 

(Below) Passers-by stop to check out the Chrome Cadillac CTSV adorned with President Obama's face Tuesday, March 19, 2013, during a drive around Washington D.C. (Liz Flock/USN&WR)

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