What Not to Wear to CPAC: Wal-Mart Wear, Mini-Skirts, Slippers

A conservative media strategist has a guide on what to wear to CPAC.

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There's been much discussion in past years about what women wear (or don't) to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, with conservative blogger Melissa Clouthier bemoaning in 2012 that most female attendees "either looked frumpish or like two-bit whores."

Well, never fear, because this year young ladies attending the conference have a guide on "What To Wear At CPAC," courtesy of D.C.-based media strategist Adrienne Royer.

On Royer's "do" list: tailored dresses, ballet flats and pearls. The "don'ts" includes halter shirts, miniskirts, bedroom slippers, Uggs or anything you might "wear ... to Wal-Mart."

Royer, who is the communications director for CPAC's Blog Bash event, tells Whispers she was inspired to make the infographic because interns for her event didn't know what to wear.

"Thousands of students descend on CPAC and you have girls putting on cocktail dresses and five inch heels," says Royer. "And I just feel sorry for those girls because they don't realize they're wasting a career-building opportunity."

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