Donald Trump’s Lawyer Gets in Heated Debate With 'Dump Trump’ Creator

Trump’s lawyer and 'Dump Trump’ creator debate campaign, say other side is desperate for attention.

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The ongoing "Dump Trump" saga continued this weekend, after Donald Trump's attorney agreed to engage in a radio debate with the man waging an online campaign calling for Macy's stores to stop carrying Trump's products.

As of this blog post, Angelo Carusone's petition urging Macy's to "Dump Trump" has almost 700,000 signatures online. In January, Trump's attorney, Alan Garten, sent a letter to Carusone threatening a multimillion-dollar lawsuit if the "egregious, pre-meditated and illegal conduct" didn't stop.

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The radio debate turned into a similarly nasty war of words, with Garten accusing Carusone of using "bullying and mob-like tactics" in order to get Macy's to drop the real estate mogul's products from their shelves. Carusone argued that Trump's brand was built on "bigoted bullying" and said it had no place on the store's shelves.

In the past, Trump has taken to Twitter to call Carusone a "whack job" and a "dummy."

Both Garten and Carusone claimed to Whispers that they had been victorious in the radio debate, which took place on the Rock Newman radio show this past Saturday. Both sides also accused the other of prolonging the argument for media attention.

On the show, Carusone accused Trump of needing his "media fix," while Garten told Whispers he believed that "the guy is desperate for media attention" and "pursuing a political agenda."

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Carusone is vice president of Media Matters for America, a liberal media watchdog group, but told Whispers he wasn't doing "Dump Trump" in connection with his work there. In the past, Carusone helped get Glenn Beck off Fox broadcasting entities with a prolonged "Stop Beck" campaign, an effort that the Huffington Post reported was the impetus for his hiring at Media Matters.

"It's an interesting way to make it," said Garten. "You take on a public figure, and make baseless accusations."

Asked whether Trump would be filing the multimillion-dollar lawsuit the letter threatened, Garten said he'd have to "see how these things play themselves out."

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