Stephen Colbert Behind Many of the Fundraisers for His Sister's House Race

Stephen Colbert stumped for sister during at least four recent fundraisers.

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The special election for a South Carolina seat in the House of Representatives is only two months away, and if Stephen Colbert has anything to say about it, his sister will have more than enough money to compete.

Much ado has been made about the fact that the political satirist has been stumping for his sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, who is running as a Democrat in a deeply red state. But just how much money has he raised for her?

According to Political Party Time, a project of the Sunlight Foundation that tracks political fundraisers, Stephen Colbert has been the main draw for four of her five recent events.

The Colbert Busch campaign did not return Whispers' multiple requests for information regarding her brother's involvement in fundraising.

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Television comedian Stephen Colbert has launched several satirical campaigns, but now he is supporting a real one.
Television comedian Stephen Colbert has launched several satirical campaigns, but now he is supporting a real one.

Two events held in New York in February, for example, were presented as "A Special Evening With Stephen Colbert." The first event charged $2,600 for a private reception, while the second asked $5,200 for a dinner package. Later in February, two events held in Charleston, S.C. with the comedian—one for dinner and the other for bowling—commanded similar prices.

Introducing his sister at the bowling event, Colbert joked: "If I did not support her my mother would be very mad...Well not mad, just disappointed."

On Monday, though, Colbert-Busch raised some money without her brother's help. A fundraiser in Washington hosted by South Carolina Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn, the third most powerful Democrat in the House, asked political action committees to give either $2,500 or $5,000 at the event.

Though Colbert Busch has been happy to ride the wave of her brother's popularity—even using the Twitter hashtag #sistercolbert to promote her campaign—she previously told the Associated Press she was determined not to let him overshadow her.

"I'm so proud of what he is and what he has accomplished. But when people see what I have done and they know the work we have done and they know me as a person and a professional, it will be fine," she said.

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