Club for Growth Conservative Scorecard Celebrates Members of Congress You've Never Heard of

Conservative group ranks little-known members highly.

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Idaho 1st District Congressman Raul Labrador talks at the Republican Party primary headquarters held at the Doubletree Riverside Hotel in Boise, Idaho on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012 after winning his election bid.

Influential conservative group Club for Growth is out with their latest congressional scorecard, considered one of the most well-respected yardsticks of a member's conservative bona fides.

But a number of members that topped the House list this year are lawmakers you've likely never heard of.

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Rep. Raul Labrador from Idaho, for example, comes in at No. 5. The congressman is a virtual unknown, except for that he fired his spokesperson a few weeks ago for sending out an errant tweet. That tweet read "Me Likey Broke Girls," in reference to an erotic commercial for a new CBS show during the Super Bowl. Labrador was awarded a 98 percent score from the group for his voting record on "pro-growth policies," such as reducing income taxes and limiting government, which is how Club for Growth calculates a lawmaker's score.

Sliding in at No. 6 on the list this year is Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn, an equally obscure lawmaker who also achieved momentary prominence for a blunder. During the election Lamborn came under fire for saying that being associated with President Barack Obama was "like touching a tar baby."

Also near the top of the rankings is Rep. Randy Neugebauer, of Texas, mostly unknown except for his moniker of "most conservative" member of the House, according to the National Journal. Not far behind him comes North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx, also mostly unheard of (and a member of House leadership to boot) except for a recent report in The Hill that said she berated staffers who rode on the members-only elevator with her.

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Of course, some prominent conservatives did get high marks. Those include Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp (#3), former Texas Rep. Ron Paul (#20) and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann (#22). Tying for first place are Georgia Rep. Paul Broun and Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, both Tea Party favorites.

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