Video Compares Avoiding Fiscal Cliff to Scoring With a Girl or Guy

The Can Kicks Back hopes the video will get young people to pay attention to fiscal cliff negotiations.

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From the campaign that gave us former Sen. Alan Simpson going "Gangnam Style" comes another video on avoiding the fiscal cliff. Only this time, The Can Kicks Back has likened the prolonged negotiations in Washington to scoring with a girl or guy at a college party.

"They've been close before, but the party just keeps getting in the way," a man's voice intones as we see a boy and girl exchange meaningful glances over cups full of beer. "Their talks continue privately so he knows, and she knows, that they both want it to happen. They simply can't wait any longer. Time is running out."

The video ends with the boy and girl heading upstairs and a call for Congress to similarly "seal the deal."

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If only the fiscal cliff negotiations could end so quickly. On Friday, just 11 days before automatic tax increases will go into effect, President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner continue to disagree on taxes, and have no additional talks planned before they head home for Christmas.

The Can Kicks Back, which wants millenials to pay attention to the debt and deficit crises, says young people will see fewer jobs and higher taxes if Washington can't come up with a plan to avoid the fiscal cliff.

"Young people have the most at stake," the campaign's co-founder, Nick Troiano, tells Whispers. "In addition to what we lose with our wallets, we will also lose in confidence. Young people are turned off to government and politics and they don't see it working."

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