Purple Strategies Wants Lanny Davis's Purple Nation Solutions to Change Its Name

Purple Strategies is upset by the similarity of the two firms' names.

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Can the color purple be owned? D.C. firms disagree.
Can the color purple be owned? D.C. firms disagree.

What's in a name? To Purple Strategies, quite a lot.

Whispers hears that the prominent Washington bipartisan firm is upset with Lanny Davis and Michael Steele, who launched a firm with a suspiciously close name, Purple Nation Solutions, back in June. They recently asked Davis, a former Clinton administration adviser, to give up the "purple" in the firm's name. Davis refused.

"They insisted that the name 'purple' was copyrightable," Davis tells Whispers. "Our response was, quite frankly, amusement."

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Lawyers from both firms have already been engaged in discussions and Purple Strategies believes they'll see a name change soon. Davis says that's not true, but acknowledges Purple Nation Solutions may undergo certain changes as "part of a broader restructuring" in the future.

Is the color purple copyrightable? D.C. firms disagree.
Is the color purple copyrightable? D.C. firms disagree.

Davis initially attempted to work with Purple Strategies, but was apparently rebuffed. He launched Purple Nation Solutions shortly after, and says there's still a chance the two firms could work going forward.

Back in June, Purple Strategies partner and GOP strategist Alex Castellanos told Politico of Davis and Steele: "We wish them well and hope they provide their clients with more effort and creativity than they displayed in launching their firm."

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