DNC, RNC Spokesmen Will Settle Election Day Bet With a Televised Shave-Off

In bipartisan bid, Democrat and GOP spokesmen to shave their scalps.

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Obama advisor David Axelrod wasn't the only one to make a hairy wager about Election Day. (Axe wagered his mustache if Obama lost certain states; Obama won those states and his facial hair remains intact.)

It turns out that Republican National Committee Communications Director Sean Spicer also bet his hair if Mitt Romney lost the election.

"The DNC's Brad Woodhouse bet me that whoever lost on Election Day would have their head shaved by the winner on TV," Spicer emailed reporters Monday. "I lost."

In the spirit of charity, Spicer and Woodhouse will both get their heads shaved by ABC's Jonathan Karl this Sunday. Money raised from the event will go to support childhood cancer research. The event has raised $675 so far — $600 from Spicer and $75 from Woodhouse.

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Spokesmen Sean Spicer, left, and Brad Woodhouse, right.
Spokesmen Sean Spicer, left, and Brad Woodhouse, right.
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