What Mitt Romney's Victory Website Looked Like

The Internet stumbled across the GOP nominee's prepared victory website.

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Sometime Wednesday afternoon, the Internet found what appears to be Mitt Romney's victory website, visited it en masse, and then overloaded it until the site went down. By Thursday morning, the site was no longer there at all.

But a Google cache of the site and screenshots of the page by blogger Bhavik Lathia show what a Romney victory site—and his presidency—might have looked like.

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The site features a series of quotes from Romney, such as "The torch America carries is one of decency and hope," "My priority is putting people back to work," and "The right answer for government is to say, how do we make the private sector become more efficient?" It also features bios of Mitt, Ann Romney and VP Paul Ryan, as well as a page for "nominees" and a how-to page: "join the administration."

Screenshots below.

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