10 Dramatic Things People Did After Obama Won Reelection

A number of Americans dramatically reacted to the reelection of President Obama.

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Ted Nugent performs during the Great White Buffalo Tour at Revolution Live on August 7, 2012 in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.
Ted Nugent performs during the Great White Buffalo Tour at Revolution Live on August 7, 2012 in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

1. Fired 22 employees

In Las Vegas, a small business owner fired 22 of his 114 employees because Obama was elected and "elections have consequences." The owner told a local radio station he needed to build up a "nest egg" because of "taxes and regulations" Obama would instate. (CBS Local)

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2. Asked the Queen of England to "take us back"

An open letter on the conservative Free Republic apologizes to the Queen of England for "that little misunderstanding we had 236 years ago," and asks the United Kingdom to please "forgive us and take us back." (Free Republic, Gawker)

3. Initiated a boycott against Democratic neighbors

Former Ron Paul aide Eric Dondero, who blogs at LibertarianRepublican.net, says his response to Obama's reelection is a "personal boycott" against Democrats, be they friend, foe or neighbor. In a Q & A with New York Magazine's Daily Intel, Dondero said the boycott means he just might ignore a drowning Democratic neighbor. (Daily Intel)

4. Called Americans "pimps, whores and welfare brats"

Conservative rock and roll guitarist Ted Nugent was one of several celebrities to go on a Twitter rant Wednesday, saying Americans voted for "economic and spiritual suicide" in voting for Obama and that it was "pimps, whores and welfare brats, and their soulless supporters" who elected a president that would "destroy America." Nugent also questioned "what subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity, booze, cell phones, birth control, abortions and lives." (Politico)

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5. Encouraged "a revolution"

Donald Trump joined Nugent in launching a Twitter tirade, calling the election "a total sham and a travesty" even before Obama was declared victor. After poll numbers came in, the real estate tycoon urged people to start a "revolution in this country," though he declined to say what that revolution would look like. Trump later deleted many of his angry tweets. (Huffington Post)

6. Compared Obama to Adolf Hitler, Ted Bundy, and Al Qaeda

Conservative radio talk show host Neal Boortz reportedly sarcastically congratulated a series of bad people for doing bad things throughout history, including Adolf Hitler, serial killer Ted Bundy, terrorist group Al-Qaeda and then... President Obama. (Media Matters)

7. Went on a profanity-laced YouTube rant.

Ed. Note: The following link is probably NSFW. In a drunken YouTube video, Shelly Dankert, who describes herself as "conservative pro-Palin YouTuber" goes on profanity-laced tirade about the "mamby-pamby" Republicans and Libertarians who supposedly ruined the election by not voting for Romney. (YouTube, Gawker)

8. Declares America is in a "civil war"

David Gelernter believes America is in the middle of a civil war. In National Review Wednesday, he wrote that the election was just one battle in a "slow-motion civil war the nation is undergoing" in which liberals wants to "secede... from Americanism." But never fear, he writes, because American has "won civil wars and preserved the Union before" and "we'll do it again." (American Spectator)

9. Declared war on Republicans

The Tea Party Patriots group slammed the Republican establishment Wednesday for picking a "weak moderate candidate" in Mitt Romney, saying it was now time for the tea party to show the "elites" who was boss.

10. Declared the death of America

In a post on its website, the Cincinnati Tea Party says America was born in 1776 and died Nov. 6, 2012. The death, the group wrote, was ruled a suicide: "RIP America." (Cincinnati Tea Party, Huffington Post)

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