Obama Makes Last-Minute Plea to Reddit Users

After a highly successful "Ask Me Anything" in August, the president asked users to get out the vote.

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President Obama answering questions from Reddit users on Wednesday

Following an August visit that slowed the site to a crawl, President Barack Obama returned to the popular social news website Reddit to make a last-second plea to get out the vote Tuesday.

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Using one of his favorite lines, Obama posted a link to his site with the headline "Reddit, this is important." He followed it up with a comment thanking the users of the site, which lean heavily liberal, for their support—and even threw in a reference to the "not bad" meme that's made its way around the site.

In August, Obama participated in a popular "Ask Me Anything" session in which he took questions from Reddit users. That hour-long session crashed the site, but not before he promised to reveal the White House beer recipes and talked about student loans, foreign policy, and the economy.

Here's what he had to say Tuesday:

"I want to thank you all again for the reception you gave me in August for my AMA. Good questions. Definitely not bad.

I'm checking in because polls will start closing in this election in just a few hours, and I need you to vote.

Millions of Americans have stepped up in support of this campaign over the last 19 months, and today we decide what the next four years look like -- but only if we show up.

I ask that you go out there and cast your vote, whatever your political persuasion.

You can confirm your polling location here:


If you've voted already, don't stop there -- spread the word to your friends, roommates, and neighbors. Think of it as upvoting."

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