Obama Campaign Sends E-mail To Supporters: 'Will Ferrell Will Eat Trash For You'

The campaign sends out an Election Day E-mail featuring a bizarre video with comedian Will Ferrell.

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Yes, it's the height of silly season.

The Obama campaign sent out a bizarre E-mail Tuesday afternoon bearing the subject line: "Will Ferrell Will Eat Trash For You."

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In the E-mail, the campaign asks supporters to share a video of the mustached comedian talking about how he will do absolutely anything to get people to vote.

"If you vote, I'll eat anything you tell me to. Garbage, hair, human toenails, underpants. Whatever, I'll do it," he says. The video closes with Ferrell urging people to vote Obama, before he inexplicably holds up an owl while making the sound "whooo, hooo."

The Obama campaign has taken flak for the strangeness of its supporter videos and campaign E-mails before. A recent video by HBO star Lena Dunham comparing voting for Obama to losing her virginity was decried by conservatives, while Mental Floss has an entire quiz entitled: "Obama campaign E-mail subject or message from my aunt?"

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