Site Says 'Megaprayer' Could Ensure Romney Win

A website is organizing a massive group prayer to support Romney for Monday night.

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Hundreds of thousands of Christian men pray and sing on the Mall at the Promise Keepers rally Saturday Oct. 4, 1997. Like "David's Tent," the event was held to bring awareness to a nation perceived to be in crisis.

Christian website says if enough Americans join in group prayer, Mitt Romney could win the White House Tuesday.

Acknowledging that President Barack Obama is ahead in the polls, the site says no amount of campaigning can lead to a Romney victory on Election Day, but that "megaprayer" just might.

As evidence, cites a verse from Matthew in the Bible, as well as a 2000 University of Maryland study that found group prayer could have a positive effect on the healing process, but that the issue needed further study.

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Nevertheless, the site says it's certain that "if group prayer can heal people, it can change an election." It is unclear who is behind the site, which was registered Oct. 15 and has blocked efforts to ascertain the domain location. Some believe it is a Christian group supporting Romney, while others says it's a "poe" (or joke) site.

The site, which calls for a megaprayer to take place 9 p.m. EST Monday night, has been liked by more than 12,000 people on Facebook.

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