Study: DC Has More Mistresses Than Nearly Any Major City

Only Los Angeles edges past the District in its number of mistresses.

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Politics and mistresses have long gone hand in hand in this town, from the days when President John F. Kennedy had a room at the Mayflower Hotel to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton for charges related to his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Even founding father Thomas Jefferson is believed to have had a mistress.

And a new study shows little has changed. According to, an online dating service for people already in a relationship, Washington has more mistresses than any major city in the U.S., excluding Los Angeles.

The site's research shows nearly 34 percent of women looking for a married man online in Washington are actually single women. (This compares to 37 percent in Los Angeles, nearly 32 percent in Phoenix, Arizona, and nearly 30 percent in Tampa.)

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The neighborhoods in D.C. with the most single women in search of a married man are Dupont Circle, a diplomatic enclave, followed by Adams Morgan, Georgetown and Woodley Park. founder Noel Biderman thinks the results make sense. "For all of its landmarks and history, D.C. has often gotten more attention over the years for it's philandering, than its political policies," he wrote in an E-mail.

The District was already on the receiving end of another ignominious Ashley Madison award back in February when the Washington Post reported the website named Washington the best city for cheating. That award was based on the website's nearly 38,000 registered members in Washington—the highest per capita membership of any city in America.

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